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Airtrack Training

I love sports and gymnastics and for the last 3 years I have been training on my Airtrack almost daily. For me Air track training is more than just a sport, it's art. The feeling you get when you push your body to the maximum and do things other wouldn't believe is possible is what drives me to do this. I love using my Berg trampoline too, but most of the time I prefer my Airtrack as it's simply more fun to use. For the people watching, doing a speed Air track run is also more fun, than watching me jump around on a trampoline. Over at DTV Transition they did a test of the GymPlay Airtracks and found that the Airtrack Tilbud was the best model here in 2020. So this is what I am saving up for, to buy the Airtrack Tilbud model and take my training to a whole new level. Something all who love gymnastics as much as I do, should consider doing. These gym mats are really good for training various jumps and flips.



Airtracks or trampolines?

Both Airtracks and trampolines are great training tools for the garden, but which of the two is the best to spend on money buying? Both of these types of gymnastic equipment can be pretty expensive to buy if you want high quality and performance. I have a 430 cm Berg trampoline which enables me to do really high jumps which can be fun, but on the GymPlay Airtrack I gain less height but far more speed. So for me if I am in a relaxing mood and don't want high intensity training (HIT), I usually use the trampoline. If I am all pumped up and looking for a higher rush and to get my pulse up near the max, it's my Airtrack that I choose.

Having both the Air track and the trampoline is for me the best solution when it comes to gymnastic training. But for many this solution can easily be to expensive. A quality Airtrack easily costs you 500$, and a Berg Grand champion trampolin can say you back twice that amount. So you either need to have to have more than enough money or be serious about your training if you decide to invest in these types of training equipment. It's a bit expensive for many, but still some really good training equipment if you are into gymnastics and sports in general. Some also use thise Airtracks for fitness training, but most will have more use for them in gymnastics training and competitions.

I personally prefer to use both. When I want to workout at a slower tempo I normally do half an hour on the trampolin. It's not quite as hard as training on the Airtrack. Other times I prefer more speed, and then I go with the Air track which is a bit more fun when you have the mind to it. I also find that by switching between the two, I don't get tired of either one as fast as I normally would. Sometimes it can be a bit to much to train an hour a day on the Airtracks.  


Sports and Fitness

Keeping your body in great shape is hard work. For me it's enough to spend an hour or so outdoor on the Airtracks, but others prefer other types of activities to keep themselves in shape. It could be things like running, swimming or attending a class a the local fitness center. Right now one of the most common ways to get in shape or keep your current shape is running outdoor. Something people of all ages can do, and it doesn't require much practice or any special training equipment. Just a pair of good shoes and some loose clothing.
I am not saying that gymnastics are a better type of training, but for me it's the most fun type of training not to mention that unlike running, it trains all of your body and your muscle coordination too. Something you don't quite get from fitness or most other types of sports. This is one of the reasons I prefer training on Airtracks or trampolines. But basically any type of training, even walking is better than no training at all. And doing some training you actually enjoy doing is also more important than trying to figure out what the best type of training is. If you don't like the training, chances that you will get tired and drop out are pretty high. So try out a few different types of spots or go to the fitness class and see which types of exercise that you prefer.
For me it's an easy answer, it's the Airtrack.


Art and Sports

For a lot of people a sport can be a type of art. Just look at bodybuilders who try to sculpture their bodies into something that would astonish or impress most people. Or a martial artist doing some insane jump kicks or show of his flexibility. A gymnast doing triple backflips and those type of things. Even when I use the Airtrack to do some hardcore jump series is something that I consider art, just like most types of gymnastics. Not only is it fun to practice but for the onlooker it can be really impressive to watch. I guess that is why most of us prefer to watch sports on television, and why sports is the biggest type of art there is. Even though I am sure a lot of artists will disagree, but for many it doesn't get any larger than a global sports event. It brings people together from all over the world, something that is truely amazing and beautiful. 


Airtrack training and gymnastics


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