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Select the best Airtrack for home use

More and more people are buying Airtracks these days. But what are the most optimal solutions for those who are interested in getting a high quality Airtrack with good performance, a good price and free from toxic chemicals? Knowing which model to buy, can for many be quite the challenge, especially if you don't already know alot about gymnastics or Airtrack training. Let's take a look at which things you should consider if you are interested in getting a great Air track for home use.

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Selecting the right Airtrack size

One of the most important parts about finding the right Airtrack, is choosing the right size from the beginning. If you buy an Air track that is to short, you will most likely enjoy it a lot in the begining when you are learning the various jumps. But you won't really be able to combine jumps and do complex series of jumps and flips. Which this sure isn't nessesary in the beginning it will for many be something they would want to do after some months. Buying a to long Airtrack will set you back a lot more money than nessesary. It will also be much heavier to carry around, setup and put away when not needed. This may cause some to use it less than they would with a smaller model. So it's all about finding the length that makes the most sense for the user. A length that would fit them now but also still be useful in a few months. Typical 4-5 meters is a good choice for most. It's long enough to do a small series of jumps and cheap enough to be affordable for most. And not to heavy either.
Now length is only one of the important sizes. The height of the Airtrack is also very important. The higher it is, the more extra power does it provide when jumping on it. You will typical get 20-25% additional height on your jumps, if you more from a 10cm to a 20cm model. While it doesn't sound like much, it's the difference between doing two flips on a jump or 3. Or for new people doing a full backflip or almost doing a backflip. For beginners, 10cm would be a fine height to start out with, but after some months you would most likely want a little more height on your jumps. So for newcommers I would recommend getting 15cm if you can afford it, and for experienced gymnasts, get a 20cm model such a the GymPlay or DTV  Transition model.

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Selecting the right brand

It's also important that you choose the right brand or model when buying Airtracks. For some a cheap noname brand may be an excellent solution, since it's a good way to test out if your child or yourself actually enjoys using an Airtrack for more than a day or two.But if you are serious about using Airtracks for home use and training, then you don't want to buy a cheap low quality, low performance model, you want something that funs to use all the time. But why pay more for the known brands? It's actually pretty simple, you normally get better quality in the materials which means it doesn't break as easily, has higher performance, and for many top models you can also get a bunch of Airtrack accessories that makes it even more fun to use the Airtrack. Things like landing mats, incline mats, springboards for making your track even longer without having to pay for a longer Air track. Air barrels for making it easier to learn some of the beginner tricks. Training beams to give you the option to use the Airtrack for more stuff. Velcro connectors to combine two Airtracks into one. All these accessories can mainly be used on the top Airtrack brands, and not something that is likely to work with the cheaper models. For most people that alone, should be more than enough reason to choose a quality brand over a noname brand. It's so much more fun to train on the Airtrack when you throw in a few different accessories (or an extra Airtrack or two for that matter).
Another thing to consider if you plan on using the Airtrack a lot is which chemicals are used in the production of the Air track. Way to many (also many known brands) use to much chemicals in the plastic, which can be harmful if you are exposed to it for a longer period of time.

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That was all for now. I hope this gave you a little better understanding about what you need to consider in order to the best Airtrack for home use. Best of luck with your future Air track training.


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