Airtracks - a great way to train at home

About is an information mini site about Airtracks, standup paddleboards and trampolines which is 3 of my favorite hobbies. I am Peter Springer and I try to you give my opinion on this type of training and share some of my experience with you.

With more than 6 years of gymnastic experience I have tried most types of jumps and most types of gymnastics equipment and nothing comes close to the gains you get from using an Airtrack, which is why this tool takes up a lot of the writing. I have owned about 6 different Airtracks over the last 5 years, so I have quite a bit of experience with Airtracks. When not training, I teach others how to use Airtracks and trampolines in our local gymnastic club where I have helped out for about two years now. It's something I really enjoy, there is nothing better than seeing the youngsters improve in skill over time due to your own teaching. And let's face it, there are things they can do much better than me, simply because they are much younger. As you get older there is a lot of things you can't do quite as well anymore. This is especially true when it comes to trampoline, airtrack and gymnastic training.
I do a lot more than training, I also enjoy hiking in the nature (well it's kinda training too), going to the movies, I love all things related to sci-fi, star wars being the greatest movies ever made. Another I really enjoy is my playstation. Sometimes I spend 4-5 hours playing a game, for me it's a nice way to relax after a hard training session. I love in a small city called Aalborg with my girlfriend, a dog called Rex and a cat called Bobba Fett. 

That was a little bit about me. Please take your time to visit some of the other pages on this site for more informaiton on paddleboards, trampolines and Airtracks.

training on the Berg trampolin - it's perfect for gymnastic workouts and doing all the crazy jumps and flips



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