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Want more info about training, gymnastics and Airtracks? Feel free to use our little contact form here and learn more about the many benefits of Airtracks. Or checkout this page here at Airtracks to learn more about how to use an Airtrack gymmat. If you haven't already tried one of these great Air track gym mats, then you are in for a surprise. Imagine doing various gymnastic jumps and suddenly getting 20-30% extra height on your jumps? I think most would enjoy this and use it to either train the jumps that are normally to hard to do, or make jumps that would otherwise be completely impossible to do. If you are into Airtracks or gymnastics, then it's one of the best ways to get a little more training during your day and get stronger and in better shape. Just half an hour of Airtrack training during the day is enough to keep you fit and healthy. That is also something to consider. I have been doing gymnastics on the Airtrack for about 5 years now, and it becomes more and more fun the better you get. I started out on a 3 meter model which was perfect back then, and now I own a 8 meter 20cm thick Airtrack from GymPlay which I love to use. Normally about 3 times a week, and I wish I had more time to practice Airtrack training. I often switch my training between the gym mat and the trampolin. Sometimes if the weather is great, I go for a trip on the lake on my stand up paddleboard insteads. It's very relaxing and very fun. And for me - just perfect on the days you are to tired to do gymnastics training. If you have questions you are always welcome to use our contact form here. Please no types of advertising or other offers, as that would be wasting your time and my time.

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